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London – B&W – 35mm

I’m thinking of making a zine/ coffee table book of street photos from around London. Riding around you see some amazing characters and weird behaviour which can make for some pretty great viewing.

Had a bit of a halt recently due to a broken camera which has half a roll of film stuck in it. Hopefully the camera shop will be able to save this on payday.

I have a load saved back but here’s a few photos i’ve gotten on it before it broke, all shot B&W 35mm.

Hazy days

A man takes a rest on Stockwell Road hidden away in piles of junk outside an off-licence. 

Charlies Angels

A group of people going to a festival walking through a sketchy estate in Tottenham all dolled up not giving a shit.

The Cone

Never to old to play a cone like a trombone – Notting Hill Carnival.




Fireworks Display

We had a fireworks display at The Spot complete with music and beer. Good times all round, have a look at the video below.

Filming for the next Crusty Nibs full length video has started. Expected delivery time 2018, potentially late due to bad traffic, horrific diarrhea and a puncture.


Took a few pictures of spot jam. Didn’t really get any of riding but there was great BMX tricks and stunts done throughout the day and night despite my lack of action packed BMX photos.


shirts edited



Ad air

Only photo of BMX, promise more of it happened than this.




Bodwin Crew, triplet set

Oooh so urban

The spot is a hive for odd jobs. Everybody seems to want to film their new music video there or their dodgy ‘body popping’. It makes for an interesting weekend most weekends. Something I haven’t really seen at any other skateparks and definitely never with as much consistency. You can happily just sit around and watch people looking ridiculous. Another good one is the advertisers who have found this incredible ‘urban landscape’ to film there new advert for some corporate waste of time company.

I think it’s the hand built aesthetics of it and the fact that everything is covered in graffiti, it draws in all sorts of characters and makes for an interesting mix of people.

Any way, enough of that little rant have an ‘urban’ photograph of Isaac doing a massive carve on Big Cliff.

issac carve