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Is big cliff still big cliff?

Big cliff has been revamped and is still very big but kind of sloped and maybe more of a massive hill, naturally it is super hard and fun to ride as everything at The Spot is. Many a BMX stunt has been seen at the top near the bottom and on the floor just after. This one is a skate stunt though and a mighty fine one.


Got a new lense which is almost unbelievably better than my old standard lense. This is the first proper photo I have taken with it and also the first skating photo I have taken. Skating does look pretty.






Mr Whippy

Lovely day chillin in the sun Saturday eating burgers and hanging out down The Spot.

The top of the wallride/ vert wall was trimmed down a foot or so a while ago and Max got all roid rage and boosted out of it. It’s still about ten foot tall, got a hole in and vert for ages which is pretty  crust.



Oooh so urban

The spot is a hive for odd jobs. Everybody seems to want to film their new music video there or their dodgy ‘body popping’. It makes for an interesting weekend most weekends. Something I haven’t really seen at any other skateparks and definitely never with as much consistency. You can happily just sit around and watch people looking ridiculous. Another good one is the advertisers who have found this incredible ‘urban landscape’ to film there new advert for some corporate waste of time company.

I think it’s the hand built aesthetics of it and the fact that everything is covered in graffiti, it draws in all sorts of characters and makes for an interesting mix of people.

Any way, enough of that little rant have an ‘urban’ photograph of Isaac doing a massive carve on Big Cliff.

issac carve


Us English love to talk about the weather and last weekend it was really good. Beers out, tops off and occasionally doing a few runs was the general vibe down The Spot. There was a good crew out all weekend and I managed to get a few pictures i’m pretty happy with so have a look.

lew bren steveTwo injury’s meant the jury bench was in full effect all weekend. Half cut and brutally honest heckling offered free of charge.

dan pegs edited





RT coming out the bank and doing a hefty double peg grind across the back of the battlements, with the jury bench’s approval.

This isn’t a chilled at all but somehow RT has it about 30 times in a day. Good effort Lid.







dan pegs 2

RT with the pegs for the home fans

max and bren

Coupla mandem hanging out

One of actual BMX to finish up. Max makes this ramp look easy to ride but it’s not. The run is tight and the transition is tough.

max air