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New Year – New Tricks?

New year new me. More fried chicken, less water and shorter shorts. As for Max same old shit, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.

Some whopper tables on a tight little piece.





Broken face photo shoot

Fell off the bike the other week riding around and it looks like I will probably need a surgery, some metal in my face and be out of action for a while. Bad news for my riding but at least I can get out and start taking more pictures and getting more footage. Like anyone who rides or has an active hobby I hate sitting at home on my own all day doing nothing, I decided after three days of doing this that I needed to get out and headed over to the spot to meet Dan, Steve and Lyle and get some fresh air. To make things better before a huge storm rolled in I managed to get two pictures I was pretty happy with.  
The ever illusive Lyle with an alley-oop wall ride over the taco

The ever illusive Lyle with an alley-oop wall ride over the taco

Lyle is somebody who hates having a camera pointed at him so much that I really had to force him to let me film or take any pictures of him. When he finally came around he did this alley-oop wall ride over the taco perfect first go which was a real treat.

I decided to shoot it from behind so he wasn’t particularly visible. Not because I hate looking at him but because I feel it reflects how he felt about me pointing a camera at his face. I also like how the position of the camera looks almost as if I had to hide behind a ramp to get a quick photo of him riding.

Dan stylin downatable

Dan stylin downtable

Dan beasted out this downtable first go as well, smooth as you like. The back drop might not be as busy as we might like but that’s what happens when it’s cold and miserable. The two hard core guys who got out where still having it though.