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More & More

A few more recent 35mm bits from London and the South West. Stuff that doesn’t have a place in the zine i’m making due to be released (to approximately 5 people) 2037/8.

Gema Devon

Escape the Smog

Dead Kid

If you look in the basket you can this guy is dragging an unconscious child up the stream off the beach. Woolacombe Beach РDevon  


Window licker

Boat Bristol Canal

Peace and Quiet


Black and Shite – 35mm

Black and white photos from a few 35mm rolls. None of these were either good enough or suited the idea for the Zine i’m making at the moment so put them here instead.

Bird feeder

A lady in full head wear feeding the birds in Hyde Park.


Alfred Hitchcock

Dan RT

Dan ‘The Doctor’ freezing cold carve in Hackney


This hotel near my work set fire yesterday which wasn’t long after the dramatic looking scaffolding was taken down.


Barney – stunts for the kids

Tom wallride

Tom carve on a very surreal wallride spot in South London.


Aylesbury estate, the focus of regenerate (destruction). Seems to be common place for a lot of these old estates in the new rebuilding/ creation of shit box flats and exile of locals all across London.


Tony Hawk aka the birdman


Shit London

What a load of old shit

Sexy Fish

Sexy pink fish

Photo me photo

One of a kind


Absolute bossman making a living out of a toilet bong at the Berlin wall.

Gym build



Prince is so twenteen


Jack and Maartje

Jack and Maartje – so cute

Carlsberg Ken

Ken is the boss – Crusty Nibs 2 premiere


The Doc and Max

Dan is ok but Max is the absolute bollocks


The Beast from the East

Will the UK ever recover from ‘the beast from the east’




RT Tuck Gym

Dan RT – Through the shadows and the wet off the tiny takeoff and over the fence with precision


Birds Hyde Park

All these seats are currently taken by the birds i’m afraid


35mm Relics from across London

Got back 3 rolls of film from around 3/4 years ago. I never usually leave them more than a month or two but it was pretty cool getting to see what sorts of things where interesting to me back then and what I was doing on a day to day basis. Seems from looking at them like I was definitely into the Crustier aspects of London which aren’t hard to find.

These are all colour so wont be able to use any when I eventually get around to making a Zine but i’m pretty happy with some of them. This camera is long gone unfortunately but really into the graininess of some of the shots.



Crusty aesthetic of London underground repetition.

Tube Commute

All smiles on the Underground


‘Don’t vote UKIP’ – Glad these idiots have disappeared and we don’t have to look at graffiti like this anymore.

Big Ben

Big Ben, a Union Jack, a tourist gift stall and a suited businessman on the phone on a wet and grey winters evening.


Constant evolution.


Elephant and Castle Crust.

Street Lights

Another wet and grey evening in Elephant and Castle, I really like the light leaks and silhouetts of passers by.




Bossman on a rickshaw around Christmas dressed festively to get some extra punters and look ‘stylish’?

Car Bonnets

A road in Streatham where all the black car bonnets had been lifted for what seems like no reason. I like the bend of the houses and the classic style of architecture.



Yup 2 boy?




Cronos always getting stuck in.

City Lights

Hazy lights shot through a bus window I believe.

Bar lights

The lights in the bar I used to work in before the dickhead manager cut my shifts and I eventually got fired. The best thing that’s ever happened to me was leaving that place and getting motivated to fix my life, the free tequila was fun while it lasted though and if you read this Chris your a nob head!

Poulet Sousi

Some film and digital photos from a trip to Lille last month. It was a really fun trip and my first with my BMX. Managed to film a load of good, eat shit loads of Donner Kebabs and drink many warm French beers. We met some rad locals out there. They were patient with our attempts at learning French and showed us some savage spots. commen ta pel Souli Sousi.


Bren Bikes

Bike building for the sharpest dressed fan.


Amazing views in this small French city


All in a day, everyday, for 4 days non stop.

abandoned building


What a helmet


Baptiste getting whacked




She heard the Dream Boys were in town.


Some digital photos below of people actually riding as well. Most the good stuff happened on street and that all got filmed for the upcoming video because street’s much more cool than skateparks so limited photos.


Max signature whopper table


Stevie mid crash


Same hip, same trick, different person. Stevie havin’ it