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More & More

A few more recent 35mm bits from London and the South West. Stuff that doesn’t have a place in the zine i’m making due to be released (to approximately 5 people) 2037/8.

Gema Devon

Escape the Smog

Dead Kid

If you look in the basket you can this guy is dragging an unconscious child up the stream off the beach. Woolacombe Beach РDevon  


Window licker

Boat Bristol Canal

Peace and Quiet


Poulet Sousi

Some film and digital photos from a trip to Lille last month. It was a really fun trip and my first with my BMX. Managed to film a load of good, eat shit loads of Donner Kebabs and drink many warm French beers. We met some rad locals out there. They were patient with our attempts at learning French and showed us some savage spots. commen ta pel Souli Sousi.


Bren Bikes

Bike building for the sharpest dressed fan.


Amazing views in this small French city


All in a day, everyday, for 4 days non stop.

abandoned building


What a helmet


Baptiste getting whacked




She heard the Dream Boys were in town.


Some digital photos below of people actually riding as well. Most the good stuff happened on street and that all got filmed for the upcoming video because street’s much more cool than skateparks so limited photos.


Max signature whopper table


Stevie mid crash


Same hip, same trick, different person. Stevie havin’ it