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Crusty Nibs – Full Video

This video took a long time to film/ edit and finally i’m happy to say it’s finished. I’ve spent the majority of this video working in bars with really unsociable hours so it’s been hard finding the time to fit in filming when everyone I ride with works 9-5 jobs.

I wanted each section to stand out on it’s own and have it’s own qualities rather than all the sections being the same style. I think I achieved this.

Lots happens in the space of two years and this has been something I have worked on throughout all those things, good and bad. The progression of life/ bike riding/ filming/ editing and loads of other things has been paramount throughout the process of making this video. It’s something I feel happy about and have tried to portray in the video so I hope you can enjoy it as well.


Spot 2K quickie

Here’s a few clips filmed at the newly built spot 2K. Clips are of Max, Lewis and Ken. It’s all just chilled stuff but Ken did that wall ride at the end pretty big about ten times and ate shit on it, all whilst I was setting up the camera then did it massive when I was filming which was cool. Check it out and see what you think, longer edit should be out fairly soon.