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Eastbourne View 2

The best lighthouse in the UK/ Northern Hemisphere and a hazy horizon. Eastbourne

Another view 2

Birthday view courtesy of grace, camera courtesy of Graces Grandad Dennis.


Brixton’s next top model, Bart.

Roof view

Dark Silhouette of South London skyline.


The Sunshine Coast

Sunshine coast doesn’t disappoint. Good weather, good skatepark and good views. Went out on a few missions to take some pictures but was mainly shooting 35mm, haven’t had a chance to sort the rolls out yet though. Did take this picture to sort of sum up what I was up to.



Rode the two parks and managed to get some clips of people who were about. Unfortunately I had a big hole in my foot so couldn’t really ride but I did manage to get one clip. The edits below and it has two candy bars in so you know it’s good.