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Winter Fun


Here is Ben hanging out on a sunny winter mission in North London. This was the first time I went to this spot and despite the sun the whole thing was covered in a frost/ snow/ ice combo so not much more than this happened. Also we must of been out early to catch the light as he’s clearly tired and isn’t looking thrilled by the situation.

Summer is here. Can’t be a good weather chat.


MetalPegs BMX Jam


Metal pegs (plastic pegs and freecosters) put on a street jam. Loads of people turned up and mobbed the streets which is always fun. Everyone had a laugh, did a few tricks and loads of heckling. Managed to get some photos before the drunken heckling got too fun and took over.

Dan pegs

Covered from all angles. Metal Pegger with potentially trick of the day?


Celebrations all round





Blat It


bren playground

Crusty Nibs – Full Video

This video took a long time to film/ edit and finally i’m happy to say it’s finished. I’ve spent the majority of this video working in bars with really unsociable hours so it’s been hard finding the time to fit in filming when everyone I ride with works 9-5 jobs.

I wanted each section to stand out on it’s own and have it’s own qualities rather than all the sections being the same style. I think I achieved this.

Lots happens in the space of two years and this has been something I have worked on throughout all those things, good and bad. The progression of life/ bike riding/ filming/ editing and loads of other things has been paramount throughout the process of making this video. It’s something I feel happy about and have tried to portray in the video so I hope you can enjoy it as well.

How to build a bowl

Ken Bren


Ken PortraitBest dressed award goes to kenny


Steve robinWaaat the, arghhhh, gahhhhh, raaah gaaah. Yep right there that’s perfect


Child labourChild labour in full effect




Little Johnny portrait




Felt like using black and white because it was pretty grey all day. Also when I checked how a few shots looked black and white I far preferred the aesthetics.

Tried to get a few portraitesque shots from the day as well as just grafter/ progress shots. Fairly happy with how they turned out.

Got to the ride the bowl (without a floor) last weekend and it is seriously amazing. Every transition feels different and D.I.Y which is what you want from a crew built skatepark but all the transitions are smooth as fuck. When the floor is in this is going to be out of hand.

Well done everybody.