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Mr Whippy

Lovely day chillin in the sun Saturday eating burgers and hanging out down The Spot.

The top of the wallride/ vert wall was trimmed down a foot or so a while ago and Max got all roid rage and boosted out of it. It’s still about ten foot tall, got a hole in and vert for ages which is pretty  crust.




Mid week Warriors.

After work on a cold miserable evening in the city me and Dan (RT) where the only two who fancied getting out and having an explore on our bikes. Like so many times before we didn’t really find much, a few little things you forced a brief good time out of but nothing you would make the journey back for.

However on the ride home we did find one good spot, a pizza shop in a disclosed location selling 7inch pizzas for £1. As if it couldn’t get better than that there was even a table and chairs outside with a view of an off license offering the finest Polish fuel for just one beer token. The road offered plenty of characters for entertainment the beers where good, the pizza was ok and we weren’t in a pub full of jeb-ends, over all a great evening was had.

£1 Paradise

£1 Paradise