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It’s still London

Stag 2

Saw this Stag chilling camouflaged in some bushes tucked away from the busier part of Richmond park. Didn’t notice him until I saw his antlers pocking above the bushes 2 feet in front of me.



F.L.N / Wednesday Night

Last night was Fright Light Night at the spot but it’s summer and light till 10:00ish so it was basically just a Wednesday. Cronos & co are well underway for preparations for Saturdays jam building some sort of wooden street hippodrome mega casino. It’s a lot of work and for good reason. This thing is going to look insane when its on fire late Saturday night/ early Sunday morning and everyones doing stunts all over it.


The jam is apparently advertising free so don’t come and don’t bring fireworks.


Doctor Dan did the elusive BBQ rip rider last night which always looks cool. He did it loads of times and made it look mega easy every time. Check the writing on the bell as Dan rides over the door for an accurate caption of what’s going on.

Dream Bag (Bren) was being a softie and wouldn’t ride so I had to bribe him to do the over icepick back over. I paid him a can of Polish lager to take the photo (after the stunt/ photo was done). I then stood slightly too close and his front wheel zapped the plastic sleeve on the end of my lense just after the photo was taken. No damage to the lense and stoked on the photo so it’s all good.

Click the photo for full screen rather than tiny or too large.


‘Always sunny down the Beach?’

Busted my ankle stepping off my bike which was good and not at all frustrating/ embarrassing. Haven’t really been able to ride for a few weeks now but met with Max at Brixton beach for a beer and took a few photos of him.

We have also been working really hard on a nude type of calendar for a new line of boxer shorts in the shape of socks. Unfortunately the design didn’t fit properly and kept falling off, it did look very good though so more from that soon hopefully. For now just this rubbish.


All four of pegs made it off the ground, mental


This is a 270 table not a normal table. Very nice


It’s all very hush.. Hush

Everyone has began building a new spot tucked away somewhere deep within the northern hemisphere. A place where it’s dry. Has lights and isn’t over run with trick ferrets and other breeds of idiots.

It’s early days but it’s shaping up to be a pretty good shelter spot. Far better than a previous attempt in Hackney Wick which was still pretty fun.

The video is all about the aesthetics. I’m really into towering architecture like the underside of bridges and other brutalist designs. To me they seem to be all about function instead of fashion. Kind of like a D.I.Y built skatepark/ stunt object. You just want to build something that works. In doing so it seems to end up with this strangely fascinating appeal (some people call it ‘urban’).

I have never used Premiere Pro before but I will definitely be looking to purchase it for future work, fully lived up to all the hype. The video took about an hour to shoot and about the same to edit. Just a chilled one really, something to keep the millions of fans entertained for a bit.