It’s all very hush.. Hush

Everyone has began building a new spot tucked away somewhere deep within the northern hemisphere. A place where it’s dry. Has lights and isn’t over run with trick ferrets and other breeds of idiots.

It’s early days but it’s shaping up to be a pretty good shelter spot. Far better than a previous attempt in Hackney Wick which was still pretty fun.

The video is all about the aesthetics. I’m really into towering architecture like the underside of bridges and other brutalist designs. To me they seem to be all about function instead of fashion. Kind of like a D.I.Y built skatepark/ stunt object. You just want to build something that works. In doing so it seems to end up with this strangely fascinating appeal (some people call it ‘urban’).

I have never used Premiere Pro before but I will definitely be looking to purchase it for future work, fully lived up to all the hype. The video took about an hour to shoot and about the same to edit. Just a chilled one really, something to keep the millions of fans entertained for a bit.


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