Oooh so urban

The spot is a hive for odd jobs. Everybody seems to want to film their new music video there or their dodgy ‘body popping’. It makes for an interesting weekend most weekends. Something I haven’t really seen at any other skateparks and definitely never with as much consistency. You can happily just sit around and watch people looking ridiculous.¬†Another good one is the advertisers who have found this incredible ‘urban landscape’ to film there new advert for some corporate waste of time company.

I think it’s the hand built aesthetics of it and the fact that everything is covered in graffiti, it draws in all sorts of characters and makes for an interesting mix of people.

Any way, enough of that little rant have an ‘urban’ photograph of Isaac doing a massive carve on Big Cliff.

issac carve


2 thoughts on “Oooh so urban

  1. Cronos

    Sure its all good.. as long as you dont get in our wayz!! or else… you know it… your going in the Canal Fo Sho. The Crews Heart is pumping and Moon’s got his finger on the Pulse. yYeeewwww…..

  2. Cronos

    cant wait to get round there for my daily fill of quality rap video shit… or maybe some high street fashions you wouldnt put on your dog…..


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