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Dan 'RT' Hartly tight wallride

Dan ‘RT’ Hartly tight wallride

This super tight wall ride is opposite a well known rail spot in Hackney and lacked any tire marks on the wall, I knew Dan ‘RT’ would be up it and he seemed game for a go. To be fair I doubt the wall had been looked at much as a quick bank to wall ride because it is far from a session and extremely crusty.

The spot is far from the only crusty element here. This was the second time we rode this spot, the first I didn’t have my camera with me. On the first trip here there was a group of five or so shady Irish guys outside the pub that is actually the right hand wall in this shot. I thought the spot may be a bust but they where nice enough and didn’t seem to care about us riding up the wall. Within minutes of them finishing there smokes and heading in there where two drunks who came walking down the passage way, one insisting there was a ‘great track for that stuff round here’. We knew there was no ‘track’ but went and had a look anyway. There wasn’t a track but the adamant guy told us about how he used to hop across all the railings, this was whilst his mate tried to sell us a bike. Eventually they left still owning the bike and we carried on riding ours.

On second arrival here it was Ladies night in the very strange pub next door. Again the spot could have quiet easily became a bust with the busy pub so close. I set the camera up and did a few test shots but they all seemed to dark. As I was about to call it a day a lady came out from a door behind me, she could have been landlady of the pub at a guess. We managed to convince her to put her car lights on for one photo so we could get the shot and leave. Dan ‘RT’ did not keep her waiting and got it done next try.


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