An average day at ‘The Spot’


Steve fitting portrait

The man behind it all (one of them anyway), Steve Barrow. Made from steel and potatoes, fittingly standing with it all behind him.

Anyone who will look at this blog probably already knows what ‘it’ is. ‘It’ is of course BMX mecca ‘The Spot’. With a huge selection of DIY ramps ropier than shitting in a park during the daytime the Spot has a character like nowhere else, probably because there is nowhere else similar to this place. Fires regularly burn till late, beers regularly get drunk till late and RT time regularly comes around.

Max booster

Max right up there with a boost over the Taco

This picture was a strange one. At first I wasn’t too keen on it, I couldn’t decide if I liked the light beaming through the clouds or not. Luckily Max does this on an average session so it was fine to capture a few more pictures. When I later had a look through the shots this was clearly the best one. With Max and the Taco being light up by the break in the clouds whilst everything else remains in the shadows.

Turn your head to the right

Turn your head to the right


This sunset was really, really orange and stole everyones attention. Pictures never do them justice however but it was worth a go

Max and Steve


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